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How to Create an Online Store

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The step-by-step guide to launching a wildly successful e-commerce business.  Do you dream of opening an online store? Start building your business today with our free ebook. Get 70 pages packed with great tips, honest advice and tons of examples from successful clients. 


Infographic: Which Vertical Sells?

Build your business in the right industry

to beat big box retailes
This rich illustration highlights which niche can help you stand out from the crowd to build a sustainable and profitable online business. Don't jump into a messy competitive space when you can gain and advantage in another segment.



Ebook: The 5 Online Personas

Insights and tips to attract shoppers and increase online sales. 
The online marketplace has gone global - that means target audiences are evolving. New research reveals five online personas that could change the way you attract and convert consumers. Bigcommerce  joined forces with MasterCard and Simplify Commerce to share these insights plus actionable strategies on how merchants can sell more online.